Monash village management says it has spent almost R1million on new internet switches

The operational manager at Monash village Jaco-Louis Arlow, says the management has spent close to R1million rand on new internet switches over the last 6months.
Internet failure has been frequent on the Monash village residence, and students have been frustrated by this occurrence. Over the past three months, there has been over 10 cases of internet outage on the residence, and this has been the worst case in over two years.
Mr Arlow however sited the poor state of the internet switches as the primary cause of recent failures. According to him, the plugs were outdated, and the catalyst machines could not transmit frequent bandwidth as supposed. “It has been good for the past few weeks. We had a problem last year where our switches were outdated and we’ve repaired that. So that was sorted out and that was one of the reasons why it went down, because we had to reconfigure to get access again. In the main time, we have spent almost a million Rand on new switches, and the switches have been fine”.

New Internet switches acquired by Monash village management

But despite the huge amount of money spent by the management on internet, students are still witnessing slow and in some cases, no internet. From the 2nd to the 8th of April, there was a total internet outage on most blocks, while there were complains of slow internet on the remaining few blocks. One of the residents, Darlintina Ndibuisi voiced her concerns and described the situation as frustrating. “We have assignments due, and we can’t even submit on time because of the internet. It is very frustrating when you have to walk up and down to the library especially at night because there is no internet on res”.
In his response, Mr Arlow said that the recent heavy storm caused the breakdown. “Lately with the electrical storm, our catalyst machine got damaged and we have an issue currently with our catalyst machine getting repaired and hopefully we will have internet repaired by this afternoon again”.
The management has acquired a Service Level Agreement who will be responsible for the maintenance and servicing of the internet machines.