Fixing of Res6 fingerprint gate commences

From the look of things, full security will be restored on the Monash village (Res6) residence as the resiedence management commence the fixing of the long damaged gate.

The gate which has been faulty since the beginning of the semester has been a cause of concern for students. Non-residents have been gaining access into the premises as a result of the nonworking state of the gate. The gate ensures that only students who are residing in the complex gain access into it, and this protocol seem to be revoked as the gate is expected to be working before the end of the semester.

Fingerprint gate getting repaired

Fingerprint gate getting repaired

The Operation officer Mr Jarco Arlow explained that the delay in the repair of the gate was as a result of the slow response from the insurance company.

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Res6 Board of trustees yet to release funds for repair of fingerprint gates

The fingerprint gate at Monash Vilage (Res6) is still unfixed as a result of delay in the release of funds. This was according to the head of operation Jaco-Louis Arlow. Students living in the private owned residence have expressed concerns over the nonworking state of the gate since the beginning of the semester, especially with recent security concerns in the land.
Mr Arlow stated that any big expenses will need the approval of the board, and these protocols are delaying the repair of the fingerprint system. “Because we working through a body cooperate, any amount over 20thounsand that has to be spent, needs to go through the trusties and the trusties need to have meetings with that. So any big expenses is not something that can be okayed by myself, or the managing agent on maintenance”.
The implications of this is however a cause of concern for most students, as they expressed worries, while also calling for the gate to get fixed urgently. In his statement, Isaac Chibowora who is a resident stressed that students ought to get better living experience on the residence, considering the amount of money being paid. ” I mean we pay a lot here. The rent increase while the experience does not change. We should be getting better things from them, especially security. If the gate don’t work, that means even strangers can walk in anyhow, and that is dangerous”.
The fingerprint gate system got damaged as a result of lightning, and the residence management promised to ratify the situation in two weeks.

Monash village (res 6) fingerprint gate

Monash village (res 6) fingerprint gate

Security concern for students at monash village

Students living on the monash village residence has shown concern over the state of security on the residence.
These concerns come at the backdrop of the recent robbery on one of the school owned residences in Honeydew.
A first second year student Agnes Moyo, insisted that security mechanism on the residence should be more sophisticated, considering the amount students pay.
“I think they should offer more. We pay over 27thousand, and you would expect us to get more. The security gate is not even working, and you see people who don’t live here come in and hover around the residence.”
The pedestrian fingerprint gate on the residence has not been up and running since the beginning of the semester, but one of the residence managers who would rather stay anonymous said that efforts are ongoing to fix whatever security issues students are facing.
“We have fixed the fingerprint gate, and this means only students who stay here will be able to get in.”
There are also complains from students about the recently fixed fingerprint gate. Many students say that the machine hardly, or doesn’t recognize their fingerprints on most occasions.
Responding to this, the residence management say that this issue will be resolved as soon as possible.
“We have called the installer, and they are aware of the situation. The problem will be sorted out very soon”
Despite the security concerns, the number of students moving into the residence has been on the increase, and this may perhaps be the reason for the recent outcries.

Monash village (res 6) fingerprint gate

Students robbed at Monash Honeypark residence.

Unidentified gunmen on Tuesday 10th of March around 3am invaded the Monash Honeypark residence.
The armed men reportedly made their way into the residence by breaking through the fence, and then invaded students in the Redwood complex of the residence.
The men robbed students of their phones, laptops and money, and a guard was reportedly shot during the incident and a student injured after being hit with a gun by one of the robbers.
It must be recalled that similar incident occurred in the same Honeypark complex last semester.
Security has been beefed up in the area, and the school has sent out global emails to students assuring them of their safely on campus.