Introducing Hotspot Bar

Today on  Campus Watch, we look at the soon to be opened Hotspot bar. What will this bring on campus? How do students feel about this bar and Hotspot in general? As well as other packages from the Hotspot management to the students. Click on the link for full story


Monash South Africa introduces Friday night lights

The sports department of Monash South Africa has introduced Friday Night Light sports tournament.
The event is part of the school’s efforts to keep students excited and occupied, as well as alleviate classroom stress.
Friday night lights is a sports tournament organized for students of Monash South Africa. Though it is a competition, the sole reason for the event is to bring entertainment and not necessarily to compete.
Speaking in an exclusive interview, MSA sports director Johan Smith hinted that the event was introduced to create a warm environment on campus, as well as create a platform where students can play competitive sports on social grounds.
“Friday night lights is something we created to bring sports unto campus. As you know, we have our competitive sports squads and these guys compete on a regular basis off campus. So we decided to create a sports tournament or event where students can play on campus in a more social setting”

MSA Sports Director Yohan Smith

MSA Sports Director Johan Smith

Football, basketball, volleyball, netball and tennis, are some of the sports that will be on display during the Friday night light event.
The tournament will kick off on Friday the 20th of March, and it will run all through the semester.