Kick off 2nd half

45 min: Nigeria gets us underway into the second half. The U.S immediately apply pressure to win the ball. Effort pays off, as the Young Yanks win an early throw-in.


Half Time

45 min: Nigeria looking for the opener as the half draws to an end. Chukwudi Aghor shoots from outside the box, but it was a weak effort, as the ball drifts out wide. That may be the final action of the half. A long goal kick from the U.S keeper, as the referee draws the half to a close. Not so much of action in the half, but both teams have shown glimpse of brilliance, with Pulisic and Bamgboye looking the brightest of both set of players.

Throw-in Nigeria

27 min: It has been an even game so far, so slow pace. Both teams not really setting the stadium alight, but knocking the ball around, and waiting for the perfect opening to pounce. Nigeria looking the better of the so far, with few threatening balls in the U.S box. Another long ball intercepted, and Nigeria wins a throw-in. Throwing falls to Bamgboye who takes on and beats an opponent, but fails to make a successful pass to a teammate. The U.S gathers and attacks through, Pulisic who has been one of the bright stars of the game so far.

U.S attack

11 min- Some quick one twos between the US front three. Pulisic finds an opponent’s run, and the Nigerian defense is put under threat. The move wasn’t to materialize though, as the Nigerian keeper Udoh gathers at second attempt.  Udoh immediately spots Agor’s run and lunches the ball for a Nigerian counter. The ball was well read by Allerano who clears the ball and stops the danger. Nigeria gets a corner. Corner poorly taken, and the Piulisic comfortably gathers.

Nigerian Corner

2 min: corner taken by the Nigerian, and well defended by the US who cleared the ball immediately, as Nigeria gets hold of the ball, and builds from the back. Another long ball lunched from the center back, and the Yanks will win it comfortably. The U.S pass the ball around, and lost in the process. Victor Akhimen wins it for Nigeria, but is fouled. Freekick to Nigeria, and Nwakali’s effort is caught by USA keeper Will Piulisic.

Kick off

1 min: The USA will kick off proceedings here. An immediate unforced error, as they gave the ball away to the opponent who passed back to the Right Back Tobechukwu Ibe. A quick lunch into the US half, and the ball will be put out of touch, and the first corner of the game will go the Nigerians.